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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions asked by several Prospective Students:

Tell Me More about the One-Year MBA

The one-year MBA program is designed to provide individuals with a STEM background (engineers, scientists, technologists, etc) with the business and leadership skills required to start or lead technology-centered organizations.  After completing a rigorous business core, students have flexibility to customize their learning experience through a wide variety of professional electives. In addition, students will augment knowledge gained in the classroom through participation in active learning projects with leading and emerging technology organizations. The program includes many elements found in traditional MBA programs, including leadership training, access to career services, opportunities to study abroad and the ability to participate in professional and social clubs with other master’s students at Krannert.

What does STEM stand for?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. While this MBA program is well suited for STEM individuals, it is not a STEM designated program.

When does the program start?

There is one intake per year in August. You will graduate in three semesters (fall, spring, summer).

What does it cost?  Are scholarships available?

Review tuition and credit hour cost. Some scholarship funding is available for top applicants.  Scholarships are offered at the time of admission, and no additional work is needed by the applicant to apply for a scholarship.

Are opportunities for Assistantship positions available?

The School of Management does not offer Assistantship positions for any of our programs. Students are considered professional masters students, which means you are a full-time student, and are not working for the university. Students are eligible to work on campus, but they do not receive a tuition remission – it would be a part time job. Students are responsible for finding these opportunities on their own. They are not included as part of the admissions offer.

Why pursue the One Year MBA for STEM Professionals?

The purpose of the program is to take individuals with strong technical backgrounds and provide them with the business skills and leadership training required to lead high-tech companies.  The program will offer a strong business core (accounting, marketing, finance, strategy, operations, etc.) coupled with active-learning projects at leading and emerging STEM companies. 

After graduating with an MBA for STEM professionals, students will be in a position to leverage their technical backgrounds and newly-gained business skills to serve in management and leadership roles at technology, science and engineering firms.  Those with a more entrepreneurial focus will have gained the business acumen required to either work at a startup organization or to create their own new venture.

Can I do a summer internship?

The program starts in August and students following the recommended course plan will graduate in August of the following year. Due to the rigor of the program (44 credit hours in less than a year) it will be very difficult to complete an internship and graduate on time. There is no built in break in the curriculum to allow for an internship while pursuing the degree.

How much should I budget for living expenses at Purdue?

Estimated Costs*
Cost of living - $14,639
Books & Supplies - $1,160
Health Insurance / Medical Allowance - $622
*Based on an 11-month program

The cost of living and books and supplies figures are based on estimates from the office of International Students and Scholars (ISS).

For additional information about tuition and program costs, please contact the admissions specialist for details.

Will students in the one-year program have access to career services?

Yes!  Students will have full access to the Krannert Center for Professional Development (KPDC).  Services include resume review, mock interviews and on-campus interviewing.