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MSA Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date training possible. We accomplish this by regularly meeting with our Advisory Board to ensure that our faculty prepare students to be ready to provide meaningful contributions to their employers on the first day of their professional careers. Our Advisory Board is comprised of leading public accounting firms, as well as large private employers.

Your Coursework

To earn a Master of Science in Accounting, you must complete 30 hours of coursework. Below is a sample track for our MSA students.


Credits Course Number Course Title
3 *MGMT 63900 Advanced Auditing & Auditing Analytics
2 *MGMT 63400 Business Law for Accountants
2 **MGMT 63350 Accounting Data Analytics
2 **MGMT 63150 Private Equity Accounting
3 **MGMT 63450 Valuation and Financial Statement Analysis
3 **MGMT 63250 International Accounting
3 **MGMT 53100 Government and Nonprofit Accounting
Varies General Elective(s)


Credits Course Number Course Title
2 *MGMT 63410 Communication for Accountants
2 **MGMT 63850 Public Company Reporting and Regulation
3 **MGMT 63450 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
3 **MGMT 63650 Accounting Ethics
3 **MGMT 63550 Accounting Consulting for Entrepreneurs
3 **MGMT 63750 Advanced Taxation
Varies General Elective(s)

* Required Course
**Accounting Elective

A summer internship is highly recommended for those beginning the program in January.

The MSA program requires Advanced Auditing & Audit Analytics (3 credit hours), Communications for Accountants (2 credit hours), and Business Law for Accountants (2 credit hours), as well as 23 credit hours of electives. General electives (by consent of the program) include Logistics, Advanced Business Writing, Securities Law, Law of Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, Leadership, Game Theory, Spreadsheet Modeling and Simulation, Data Mining and Business Analytics.

Recommended General Electives:
  • MGMT 57000 Spreadsheet Modeling
  • MGMT 47300 Data Mining
  • MGMT 56100 Logistics
  • MGMT 58200 Management of Organization Data
  • MGMT 64100 Options and Futures
  • MGMT 64200 Portfolio Management
  • OBHR 66200 Leadership

For a searchable directory of courses visit Purdue's online Course Catalog.