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Transforming Education Through Innovation

At Purdue University's Krannert School of Management, we deliver transformative education through innovative curriculum; campus, alumni and industry partnerships; and robust, award-winning student career preparation. See how our approach to educating tomorrow’s business leaders has helped us earn recognition as a Top 10 Most Innovative University in America.

Director Mike Erikson

Creating Academic Experiences in Emerging Markets

An important measure of a business school’s excellence is how it innovates its academic offerings in response to student and industry needs.

Targeting the growing demand for talent within the rapidly evolving real estate industry, Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management has launched the Dean V. White Real Estate Finance Program to provide an academic experience for students that equips them to plan, develop and manage successful commercial real estate projects.

The program will not only benefit Purdue students in opening new career paths, but will also benefit local communities, the state of Indiana, and the real estate industry in providing the next generation of real estate experts who will shape how we live and work.

Discover how real estate education will enhance career opportunities for business students.
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Taking Next-Level Leaps in Career Preparation

"Soft skills" for your career and personal development aren't so soft these days. Employers expect new employees to not only have the academic knowledge found in their degree, but stronger proficiencies in interpersonal skills like teamwork, leadership, professionalism and equity and inclusion.

Krannert's answer to this challenge is CareerBound, an award-winning, workforce preparation program that integrates the NACE core competencies into course curriculum, creates a personalized development plan, utilizes gamification through an app, and offers competency implementation through coaching and mentorship.

CareerBound's steady progression and escalating set of opportunities sets students up for transformative and practical learning so that 95% of Krannert graduates have successful career outcomes.

See how CareerBound enriches student professional development.
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Evolving with Industry and Across Disciplines

Preparing leaders who can work across functional boundaries, departments, and cultures requires collaboration in industry and in academia. Shaping majors relevant to industry demands often requires the combining of critical disciplines like business and engineering.

Krannert's new undergraduate major in Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) is one example of the school's commitment to evolving and transforming with industry. Created in partnership with Purdue's College of Engineering, students in this cohort-based program take first-year engineering courses followed by a combination of management and engineering classes.

Students participate in a year-long Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) course, creating engineered solutions for developing countries and work in research labs across campus on emerging technologies. In the Data Mine, students live, learn, and research in a community created to introduce them to data science concepts and create solutions to real-world problems.

Learn how our IBE degree allows students to diversify their skill set by merging technical skills and business acumen.
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Innovating Curriculum Through Collaboration

Developing and advancing curriculum that serves graduates in increasingly diverse and dynamic environments is no small task.

Purdue University's recognition as the #8 Most Innovative University and #6 in the world for university patents (U.S. News & World Report) is also reflected in the Krannert School of Management's dedication to innovation and entrepreneurship and a willingness to reshape its curriculum, again and again.

New undergraduate majors such as Business Analytics and Information Management and Supply Chain and Operations Management demonstrate Krannert's commitment to transformative education.

Curriculum design and review regularly incorporate faculty expertise and creativity and the input of alumni and industry partners. A Krannert Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellow works with students and faculty to connect research and commercialization enterprises.

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