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Through learning communities, you will connect with other students who share your interests and get to know faculty. Data shows that students who participate in a learning community earn higher grades. And as a member of a learning community, you have increased exposure to university resources and the Greater Lafayette area. In addition to several University-wide learning communities, two are specific to the School of Business:

Larsen Leaders Academy Learning Community

Larsen Leaders Academy students are optionally enrolled in the learning community. In the Larsen Leaders Academy Learning Community, you will participate in a shared classroom through MGMT 110 and MGMT 295, learn the basics of the science of management and start on your professional development. Other activities include a welcome conference, career fair workshop, study abroad fair, social events, and guest speakers. It’s all to provide the tools you’ll need to be a valued and effective leader.

The Data Mine - Business

Students enrolled in The Data Mine cohort will develop their business acumen as well as the ability to make a strong case for actions based on data. Participants will learn to define business problems using data science tools, analyze data to identify alternative solutions, and model the value of alternative business decisions and courses of action. Corporate partners who are current or target employers of business students will provide data, coaching and instruction, and project management support, as well as work with and recruit students for internships and permanent employment. Find more information about The Data Mine.

Women in Business

The Brock-Wilson Center for Women in Business invites you to apply to be part of a learning community to explore gender related issues in the workplace. You will live in a residence hall with your community and take one class together during each semester of your Freshman year. In your first semester, you will take MGMT 294, Navigating Gender in the Workplace, where we will study the impact of gender in the work environment. Students will explore new leadership strategies to help their teams achieve higher levels of performance, and they will develop insight to recognize and navigate gender-based challenges. Open to all first-year students regardless of gender, this learning community is an opportunity to enhance your Purdue network. Common interests will allow you to build friendships to carry with you through your time as an undergraduate student and beyond. Find more information about Women in Management.

Learn more about these and other learning communities.