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Meet BOP Students

Meet just a few of the many exemplary Daniels School of Business students who make BOP what it is — a place where lifelong friendships and professional networks are formed; where participants find the support they need to excel in school and life; and where students get a full, rich college experience.

Typically, when you see, for example, “Economics ’17,” it denotes a student’s graduating class. At BOP, we do it a little differently: “BOP ‘17” or “BOP ‘18” refers to the year a student joined the BOP family. So, a BOP ’17 student joined the program in 2017. BOP cohorts are tight-knit, and go through their college journey together. Some BOP students push themselves to graduate in less than 4 years, and some take a little longer. Using their program-start date helps the cohort stick together.