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Top Reasons To Do BOP

Legacy of Success

If not the first, BOP is one of the oldest diversity programs within any top-ranked, undergraduate business school in the country. Our 50+ year legacy of success is an asset most schools will never obtain. The BOP legacy is proof student participants will achieve their long-term career goals if they choose to do BOP upon high school graduation.

It's BOP for Life

The saying is, "Once you do BOP, you're BOP for life." The BOP program will be with you forever. BOP will not recruit students to Purdue to then abandon them upon arrival. BOP will not support students only during their four years at Purdue. BOP helps former students in the workforce seek new career opportunities and explore graduate school, and provides a family environment and support system that lasts a lifetime.

The BOP Brand

Corporate recruiters know the type of intern or full-time hire they receive when employing a BOP student. Known for producing analytical, critical-thinking, hard-working, and humble leaders, the BOP brand is a true asset to students. BOP's brand attracts top banks, companies, and firms, which led to a 100% job placement rate for graduating BOP students.

Strong Investment for Your Career

BOP has proven that an investment of your summer after high school graduation will pay tremendous dividends in terms of your career in the distant future.


Purdue University froze tuition for the ninth year in a row to keep Purdue an affordable college option for many families. A BOP scholarship makes Purdue more affordable for out-of-state students than some of their in-state options in specific states. For Purdue undergraduates, debt per student is down 11% from last year, and since 2012, undergraduate debt is down 35%.

Life-Long Friends

The bonds formed while matriculating through the rigorous BOP Summer Session not only produce a support system that aids the high school-to-college transition, but also produce life-long friends, and in some cases, future business partners and even spouses. Not only do friendships flourish between BOP students on campus -- relationships also develop among students and alumni through alumni interaction with the program.

The Full College Experience

Enjoy the perks of attending a university with superior academics, blue-chip athletic teams in the Big Ten Conference, Greek life including the Divine Nine organizations, and the general fun that comes with being a college student. Students can easily find their fit at Purdue by participating in one of nearly 1,000 student clubs and organizations.

Darren L. Henry

Darren Henry, BOP’s Managing Director, joined the Business School in 2007 after completing his MBA from the School the same year through the BOP program. "I have never seen someone so obsessed with other people's success. He will care more about your well-being and success than you will over your college career. He's one of the most humble, selfless individuals I know. He truly inspires us to be the best versions of ourselves we can be." - Janelle Davis (BOP '16)