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Women in Business Learning Community

The Women in Business Learning Community provides 1st-year women a place to create communities while exploring gender-related issues in the workplace. Students explore new strategies to help their teams achieve higher levels of performance, and they will develop insights to recognize and navigate gender-based challenges. You will also build a community where you belong.

Live Together

You will live together in Meredith South. This dorm is new and located close to the co-rec, academic buildings, and many food options, including a Panera and Jersey Mike’s on the first floor. By living together you will have many opportunities to interact with other first-year students with similar interests in business and can learn together how to successfully navigate the business world as young women.

Laugh Together

College life isn’t all about academics — though that’s key. We’ll also make time to laugh and learn together. In the process you’ll learn some techniques and habits you can build into your life.

Lead Together

Develop your leadership skills by working with the Women in Business Ambassadors. These upper-level students will help you navigate the transitions in college and help you understand why the business school has been a great place for them and how it can be the perfect place for you. You’ll also get to work with these young women to develop events on campus and attend the Monarch Leadership Conference, which is organized by the Women in Business student organization.

Learn Together

The Learning Community takes four classes as a cohort.

Navigating Gender in the Workplace

MGMT 29400

Wondering what strategies you can use to successfully navigate gender in the workplace? This class equips you with helpful strategies and gives you the opportunity to learn from women who successfully built careers in multiple industries.

Introduction to Management

MGMT 100

This class helps you grasp the key skills any successful businessperson needs to learn to have a well-equipped business toolkit. You’ll also be introduced to the different functional areas in a business and begin to see where you fit.

Leadership Development To Bridge Gender Divide

MGMT 29450

Navigating gender in the workplace also requires leadership skills. In this course, you’ll learn tools to help you lead, tools you can apply immediately in class teams and student organizations on campus. You’ll also build an understanding of how you lead and how to translate those skills into the workplace. For the capstone project, you will connect with a woman who has successfully navigated her career to learn additional skills and tools for success.

Introductory Accounting

MGMT 200

Regardless of where you work and what you do, accounting is a key skill. It’s also a required course in the School of Business for majors. Take this course as a cohort and you have an automatic study group.

Students will be able to:

Identify the challenges women and men face in the workplace related to their gender and gender identity.

Develop strategies to overcome gender related challenges at work and build your leadership skills & confidence.

Create a network of peer and alumni mentors to help them navigate gender issues at work.

Activities include:

  • Team building activities
  • Field trips to museums and industry partners
  • Speaker events
  • Mentoring and networking events

You belong at the School of Business. We’re excited to welcome you in the fall!