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Career Outcomes

Online programs at the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business are preparing business professionals to meet today’s business challenges while securing leadership enhancements, career agility, promotions and salary increases.

Whether you’re motivated to be a problem-solver who distinguishes themselves in this fast-evolving moment, you want to maximize your impact, or increase your earning and opportunities, check out how Daniels School of Business online graduates are doing comparably:

Our Graduates - By The Numbers

75% reported that their managerial and leadership capabilities were enhanced
59% moved into roles with higher responsibilities in either a new company or in their current company
89%reported their degree increased their ability to work outside of their functional area to solve business challenges
74%have been able to implement meaningful changes in their organizations

Average Salary Improvements

Daniels School online MBA graduates

Daniels School online MS Business Analytics graduates

Daniels School online MS Economics graduates

Daniels School online MS Global Supply Chain Management graduates

Daniels School online MS Human Resource Management graduates

“I wanted the flexibility to complete work on my schedule. I travel a lot and it made sense for me to do the program online. I developed better problem-solving skills and was exposed to different methods for solving these problems. Daniels School online master’s programs gave me an opportunity to work in teams of people from different academic and industry backgrounds.”

Parker Filius

*Average salary improvement calculated from the start of the master’s program to six months post-graduation, for those whom provided data.

Most Recognized University in the World
American Caldwell, 2024
Best Business Schools in the U.S.
CEOWorld Magazine, 2023
Most Innovative School in the U.S.
Six Years Running
U.S. News & World Report, 2024

Industry Overview

The employment landscape is strong for those interested in pursuing careers in business. Our industry overview shares the robust growth in professional opportunities in various fields, the many different sectors you could work in, the steady salary growth that savvy business professionals enjoy, and the skills necessary to be successful.


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Business Career Services

The dedicated career coaches and advisors at the Daniels School of Business are here to help students turn their goals into reality. Take advantage of the research-backed tools and the guidance of experienced professionals through individual counseling and job search resources in the creation of your career path strategy and leadership development.

Whether you are a new professional, career enhancer or career changer, we look forward to working with you. Learn more about the career services Office or schedule an appointment online.

Career Services

If you would like to receive more information about the online graduate business programs at Purdue, please fill out the form and a program specialist will be in touch.


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We also have availability to meet with you virtually to discuss how your goals align with our curriculum, community, student experiences and outcomes to determine if Purdue is the right fit for you!

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