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Working Papers Series 2002

Listed below are the year 2002 working papers of faculty and graduate students of the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. These papers give scholars the opportunity to make the results of new and continuing research available in a timely fashion. Many of the working papers are draft stages of articles which will eventually be published in reputable scholarly or professional journals.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF documents. If you do not have this software, or would like an updated version, it may be downloaded free from the Adobe website.

Working Papers - 2002

1153 Sugato Chakravarty, Relationships and Rationing in Consumer Loans: Evidence from the Nineties

1154 Sugato Chakravarty, Robert A. Wood, and Stephen P. Harris, Decimal Trading and Market Impact

1155 Timothy B. Folta and Jonathan P. O'Brien, Entry in the Presence of Dueling Options

1156 Sugato Chakravarty and Kai Li, An Examination of Own Account Trading by Dual Traders in Futures Markets

1157 Mohit Tawarmalani, Polyhedral Basis, Finite Probability Spaces and Links to Disjunctive Programming

1158 Kannan Viswanath, Srinivas Peeta, and F. Sibel Salman, Reducing the Vulnerability of a Network Through Investment: Decision Dependent Link Failures

1159 James C. Moore, On Core Convergence in a Production Economy

1160 James C. Moore, Real National Income and Some Principles of Aggregation

1284 George Horwich, The Monetary-Interest Rate Mechanism and Determinacy of the Price Level: A Restatement and a Critique of Prevailing Views