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Talented Daniels School of Business students, coached by faculty, help promote and execute Center for Business Communication case competitions and share guidance during prep workshops.

Aryca WoodsonAryca Peay Woodson
Faculty Coach for Case Competitions

Lecturer, Managerial Communication

Professor Woodson has more than 10 years’ experience in executive, internal and change management communications. Past employers include IU School of Medicine and the nationwide nonprofit health system Ascension, where she served on the deployment team for the PeopleSoft ERP implementation. Her past consulting roles include diversity and inclusion communications at Lilly and assisting with change management communication efforts for the Dow-Dupont (now Corteva) merger in 2017. She most recently served as a lecturer of business communication at IU’s Kelley School of Business where she received the “2022 Teachers’ Excellence — Best Addition to Kelley” award. Professor Woodson earned her BS in Management at Krannert and her MA in Public Relations Management at IU Indianapolis.

Nicole Hollenback

Major: Finance Concentrations: Data Analytics & International Business

“Case competitions provide students with the opportunity to collaborate with other business professionals and develop skills that can be utilized in real-life scenarios. At Purdue, these competitions are phenomenal resume builders that can be used to demonstrate motivation, focus, and a will to succeed in the competitive business world.”

Interesting Fact: I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, in spring 2022 and visited nine countries in three months!

Graduation Year, 2023

Kijune Kim

Major: Economics Honors & Finance

Minor: Statistics

“Building the school's case competition community helps us create an opportunity to solve some of the greatest problems businesses and communities face while working with the most creative group of people.”

Interesting Fact: I have competitively played seven sports and have learned how to play four instruments.

Graduation Year, 2023

Stefanie Maxson

Major: Marketing

Minor: Communication

“As Boilermakers, we have grown to be problem solvers in our academic and personal lives. Case competitions open a new door for learning how to address and solve real-world problems. These problems are in a wide field aimed toward a variety of different companies, backgrounds, and occupations which allows growth for all majors. These competitions teach you aspects of teamwork, public speaking, data analysis, and interpretation, and overall thinking outside of the box.”

Interesting Fact: I was a part of 4-H for many years where I showed rabbits, worked on multiple photography projects, and participated in our County 4-H Scholarship Pageant.

Graduation Year, 2024

Zainah Nayef

Major: International Business and Marketing

Minor: Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Certificate in Collaborative Leadership

"Working with the faculty and students on the case competition team has been an amazing experience because I get the freedom to be creative and apply my academic skills to a program that will truly benefit the school and all of the students involved."

Interesting Fact: I have been to more than 30 countries!

Graduation Year, 2023

Katarina Nikolovski

Major: Marketing

Certificate: Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

Graduation Year, 2023

Liliana Pavicich

Major: Business Analytics

“Case competitions are an excellent way to learn real world collaboration and build a foundation for professional skills. Creating a community that is not only welcoming but easy to navigate and always improving means setting up future Daniels School students for success. I want to leave this community improved from how I found it.”

Graduation Year, 2023

Natasha Scarlett

Majors: Accounting and Finance

“The case competition community helps provide experiences for students to develop essential skills that can be applied in a variety of settings both inside and out of the classroom. The importance of building this community relies on ambitious and like-minded people who are focused on developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Having an engaging community such as the Daniels School case competition community allows for students to network with one another along with career professionals while furthering their professional careers in a more hands on environment with real world cases.”

Interesting Fact: I have studied six languages and learned three fluently — and I am a twin!

Graduation Year, 2024

Donnie Smith

Major: Industrial Management

Minor: Operations and Supply Chain Management

“Building the case competition community is important not only for the school, but for Purdue as a whole. You can spend all the time in the world reading books on topics related to management, finances, accounting, and everything else under the sun, but that does not mean you understand it. Case competitions take these theories of business and put them into a tangible experience you can recall during times you cannot risk failing. It is the other half of higher education that is, as of now, severely underestimated.”

Interesting Fact: I have only traveled in a perpendicular line to the equator from Michigan to Mexico, never left or right from this line.

Graduation Year, 2023

Will Tian

Major: Finance

Minor: Data Analytics

“Community is the difference between being and belonging. For me, being part of a community means that one is included and supported by their surroundings. I have always sought to be part of a community where I could enable myself to find my individuality.”

Interesting Fact: I am a huge Formula 1 fan.

Graduation Year, 2023

Andrea Vilora

Major: Marketing

Concentration: Data Analytics

Graduation Year, 2023