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Financial Management Research Challenge

The Financial Management Research Challenge is hosted by the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business in collaboration with Purdue Federal Credit Union (PFCU). Showcasing real-life decision-making in the financial world, it allows students to develop critical thinking, teamwork, and presentation skills while analyzing real data and applying class concepts. The challenge aligns with Purdue's vision for experiential learning and Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation, fostering student development and engagement with alumni.

Bob Falk

“This competition opens students’ eyes to new opportunities and helps create a pipeline of future talent for our organization.”

PFCU President and CEO Bob Falk

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Information for Students

Why Participate?

Participating in the Financial Management Research Challenge is a great way to gain hands-on experience, put your knowledge into practice, develop teamwork and communication skills, and enhance your resume. It sets you apart from other candidates and mimics real-life problem-solving — a skill valued by employers.

In particular, the Financial Management Research Challenge offers virtual and in-person competitions for MGMT 310 students to evaluate loan requests and develop credit scoring models. The challenge integrates seamlessly with coursework and provides hands-on learning. Round 1 earns extra credit and substitutes a final exam in MGMT 304. In Round 2, the top teams showcase their financial management expertise and compete for prizes and awards at Purdue Federal Credit Union headquarters.

"A combination of discipline-leading faculty and partnerships with key individuals and firms in the real estate industry will create the kind of innovative academic experience that will attract exceptional students and prepare them for industry leading positions and careers."

Key 2024 Dates

  • February 16  Group Formation
  • February 22  Case Released
  • February 27  Workshop with PFCU CEO Bob Falk
  • March 5  Workshop for Case Presentations
  • March 21  Project Submission
  • March 25-April 1  Virtual Judging
  • April 19  In-Person Presentation

What is the case?

In this competition, teams will evaluate a loan request from Mallet Inc., a duct and valve manufacturer located in West Lafayette, Indiana, that wants to acquire a new site to build a warehouse that will host future production lines. Because Mallet does not have the required capital to purchase the property, the company is requesting a loan of $5.94 million from PFCU to fund the acquisition.

Among other tasks, students will:

  • Develop a qualitative and quantitative credit scoring model used in the decision-making process of accepting or rejecting loans
  • Assign grades for several characteristics related to the risk of default
  • Estimate financial statements and loan amortization schedules
  • Apply the content learned in MGMT 310/304 to a real task in the industry
  • Challenge assumptions and create and analyze alternative scenarios

Join us For a Rewarding Experience

Participate in the Financial Management Research Challenge and become part of this exciting opportunity to learn, apply your skills, and win!

Fabricio d'Almeida

“The experience allows students to practice the soft and hard skills employers seek, helping them become job-ready by developing presentation skills, critical thinking, and teamwork ability."

Professor Fabricio d'Almeida

Previous Winners

Vikram Oddiraju, Noah Sakaitani, Sreeya Thirunagari, Gianna Stephan, Elsa Ravaris, Jason Ramirez

Hesham Mohamed, Tej Raman, Theodore Zhang and Parker Alford

Nicholas Most, Emi Quist, Khushi Shah, and Adam Spensley


Chase VanKlaveren, Matthew Stanish, Brock Tengolics, Mohnish Shah and Andrew Charlton


Information for Alumni

Spring 2024 Judging Period

Start Date
Monday, March 25
End Date
Monday, April 1

Be a Judge!

Purdue alumni are invited to be a part of the Financial Management Research Challenge as judges for the first round. Being a judge is a meaningful way to give back to the university. You can connect with emerging talent, stay current in finance, enhance your network, support professional development, and be inspired. Your expertise and feedback will shape the next generation of finance professionals and contribute to their growth and success. You'll also gain fresh perspectives from the next wave of finance experts.

How to Get Involved

If you’d like to be a first-round judge, volunteer here.