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Driving Industry Change Through Research

Research is the cornerstone of doctoral study. PhD candidates at Purdue’s School of Business are not only exploring their respective areas of interest, but also diving deep into industry challenges to provide thoughtful, innovative solutions. Through empirical research and subject-matter mentorship, our PhD graduates are poised to engage in the highest-level of discourse and provide meaningful contributions to their communities.


 In Publications per Faculty Member

Texas A&M / University of Georgie Rankings of Management Department Research Productivity

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Publications per Faculty Member

Texas A&M / University of Georgie Rankings of Management Department Research Productivity

OBHR Faculty Areas of Research

  • Leadership and teams
  • Work, family, diversity, and personal life
  • Workplace fairness and justice
  • Employee selection
  • International Human Resources
  • Stress and burnout
  • Employer branding and recruitment
  • Counterproductive work behaviors
  • Workplace interventions, training, and employee engagement

Recent Publications

Sharma, Kinshuk, Schoorman, F. David., Ballinger, Gary. A. (2023) How can it be made right again? A review of trust repair research. Journal of Management, 49(1), 363-399.

Christopher J. Hartwell, Jake T. Harrison, Rahul S. Chauhan, Julia Levashina, Michael A. Campion (2022). "Structuring social media assessments in employee selection." International Journal of Selection and Assessment.

Ahmad M. Ashkanani, Benjamin B. Dunford, Kevin J. Mumford (2022). "Impact of Motivation and Workload on Service Time Components: An Empirical Analysis of Call Center Operations." Management Science

Ellen Ernst Kossek, Claire Kelliher (2022). "Making Flexibility More I-Deal: Advancing Work-Life Equality Collectively." Group and Organization Management

Jordan Nielsen, Brady Firth, Eean Crawford (2022) "For Better and Worse: How Proactive Personality Alters the Strain Responses to Challenge and Hindrance Stressors." Organization Science

Amy L. Bartels, Jennifer D. Nahrgang, Hudson Sessions, Kelly Schwind Wilson, Lusi Wu, Jared Law-Penrose (2022). "With a frown or a smile: How leader affective states spark the leader-follower reciprocal exchange process." Personnel Psychology

Benjamin R. Pratt, Brian R. Dineen, Lusi Wu (2021). "Nowhere to grow: Ranking success and turnover composition in elite employers." Journal of Organizational Behavior

Patrick F. Bruninga, Bradley J. Alge, Hsin-Chen Lina (2020). "Social networks and social media: Understanding and managing vulnerability to social influence in a connected society." Business Horizons

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