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Department of Economics Job Market Candidates

To obtain additional information on any of the candidates, please contact the Economics Department at the address or phone below, or contact the candidate directly.

Department of Economics
Purdue University

Placement Officer: Tim Cason
(765) 494-1737
Placement Assistant: Matt Pavey
(765) 494-7064


Abigail R. Banan
Curriculum Vitae  Expected Completion Date:  May 2023

Fields:  Public Economics, Economics of Crime, Early Childhood Development, Applied Microeconomics

Dissertation Title:  The Effects of Post-Release Supervision on Crime and Recidivism

Thesis Committee:  Jillian B. Carr (Co-chair), Miguel Sarzosa (Co-chair), Timothy J. Moore, Kevin J. Mumford

Phone: (765) 496-2594
Web Page:

Indulekha (Indu) Guha
Curriculum Vitae  Expected Completion Date: May 2023

Fields: Economics of Crime, Health Economics, Public Economics

Dissertation Title: "Hate crimes and elections in the United States: testing alternative explanations"

Thesis Committee:  Timothy J. Moore (Co-chair), Jillian B. Carr (Co-chair), Timothy N. Bond, Kevin J. Mumford

Phone: (765) 430-2594
Web Page:

Daniel Gulti Kebede
Curriculum Vitae  Expected Completion Date:  July 2023

Fields:  Macroeconomics, Econometrics and Finance

Dissertation Title:  Analyzing Earnings and Household Consumption Insurance

Thesis Committee:  Mario J. Crucini (Co-chair), Trevor Gallen (Co-chair), Justin Tobias, Kevin J. Mumford, Yong Bao
Phone: (765) 357-1616
Web Page:
Amrita Sanyal
Curriculum Vitae
 Expected Completion Date: May 2023

Fields:  Labor Economics, Microeconomics, Economics of Gender

Dissertation Title: Impacts of the 2009 Race to the Top Program and Associated Common K-12 Standards-Adoption on Gender Achievement Gaps

Thesis Committee:  Miguel Sarzosa (Chair), Timothy N. Bond, Kevin J. Mumford, Victoria Prowse

Phone: (765) 409-8449
Web Page:
Anthony LokTing Yim
Curriculum Vitae  Expected Completion Date:  May 2023

Fields: Labor Economics, Education Economics, Behavioral Economics, Gender Economics, Political Economy 

Dissertation Title: How Early Morning Classes Change Academic Trajectories: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Thesis Committee:  Timothy N. Bond (Co-chair), Victoria Prowse (Co-chair), Kevin J. Mumford, Jillian B. Carr
Phone: (801) 494-4884
Web Page:
Ashley Wumian Zhao
Curriculum Vitae  Expected Completion Date:  December 2022

Fields: Macroeconomics, monetary economics, international economics 

Dissertation Title: Essays in Monetary Economics

Thesis Committee:  Cathy Zhang (Chair), Mario Crucini, Trevor Gallon, Seunghoon Na
Phone: (626) 673-6508
Web Page:
Junya Zhou
Curriculum Vitae  Expected Completion Date:  May 2023

Fields:  Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Computational Economics

Dissertation Title:  Complexity, Communication and Misrepresentation

Thesis Committee:  Timothy Cason (Chair), David Gill, Collin Raymond, Colin Sullivan
Phone: (765) 775-3923
Web Page: