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Driving Industry Change Through Research

Research is the cornerstone of doctoral study. PhD candidates at Purdue’s Daniels School of Business are not only exploring their respective areas of interest, but also diving deep into industry challenges to provide thoughtful, innovative solutions. Through empirical research and subject matter mentorship, our PhD graduates are poised to engage in the highest-level of discourse and provide meaningful contributions to their communities.

Marketing Faculty Areas of Research

  • Brand Management
  • Big Data
  • Causal Inference
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Discrete choice models
  • Dynamic structural models
  • Empirical Game Theory
  • Global Social Entrepreneurship
  • Health Economics of Medication Adherence
  • Improving Patient Medication Adherence
  • Machine Learning
  • Market pioneering
  • New product development
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry
  • Salesforce and Detailing
  • Sales Promotion and Advertising
  • Scalable Algorithm
  • Sharing Economy
  • Structural Modeling

Recent Publications

  • Dai, Weijia, Ginger Jin, Jungmin Lee, and Michael Luca (2018), “Aggregation of Consumer Ratings: Application to,” Quantitative Marketing and Economics.
  • Guofang Huang, Hong Luo, and Jing Xia (2019), “Invest in Information or Wing It? A Model of Dynamic Pricing with Seller Learning,” Management Science, 65(12), 5556-5583.
  • Hsin-Chen Lin and Manohar Kalwani (2018), “Culturally Contingent Electronic Word-of-Mouth Signaling and Screening: A Comparative Study of Product Reviews in the United States and Japan,” Journal of International Marketing, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 80-102.
  • Wreetabrata Kar, Viswanathan Swaminathan, and Somdeb Sarkhel (2020), "User Segment Identification Based on Similarity in Content Consumption," U.S. Patent Number: 10,789,620.
  • Qiang Liu, Hongju Liu, and Manohar Kalwani (2020), “‘See Your Doctor’: The Impact of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising on Patients with Different Affliction Levels,” Marketing Letters, 31,
  • Federico Rossi (2018), “Lower Price or Higher Reward? Measuring the Effect of Consumers’ Preferences on Reward Programs,” Management Science, 64(9), 4451-4470.
  • Yanwen Wang, Chunhua Wu, and Ting Zhu (2019), “Mobile Hailing Technology and Taxi Driving Behaviors,” Marketing Science, 38(5), 734-755.

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