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Student Organizations

In order to build strong connections between company recruiters and Daniels School students, we provide below a means of contacting the school's student organizations. This is a valuable opportunity to work with and support our most active student leaders. Students in these organizations seek to engage with company representatives in order to improve their company relationships.

Corporate Recruiters: when contacting an organization, we recommend typing “Company XYZ recruiting Organization XYZ” in the subject line and cc: the faculty/staff advisor.

Alpha Kappa Psi | |

Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders. Our guiding principles emphasize exhibiting high ethical standards and integrity in business and life, encouraging lifelong learning in classrooms and the workplace, improving communities through sharing our time and talent, building brotherhood, and enhancing the fraternity for life.

Ascend |

Ascend is the premier nonprofit professional association that enables its members, corporate partners and the community to realize the leadership potential of Pan-Asians in global corporations. Ascend reaches 20,000 people with 28 student chapters and 16 professional chapters located in both the U.S. and Canada around major business hubs and educational institutions. Ascend membership is open to individuals of all ethnic and business backgrounds. Ascend Purdue aims to provide Pan-Asian students with leadership and professional development opportunities.

Association of Latino Professionals for America |

ALPFA's purpose is to empower and develop Latino men and women as leaders of character for the nation in every sector of the global economy. Our organization hosts professional development events with partner companies to set our members up for success in their future careers. We aim to build a close-knit community among all our members through social events.

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)

Beta Alpha Psi is an international organization for students majoring or concentrating in Accounting, Finance, and MIS. As the premier professional business and financial information organization, Beta Alpha Psi recognizes academic excellence and complements members' formal education by providing interaction among students, faculty, and professionals. BAP also fosters lifelong growth, service and ethical conduct by organizing many professional and community service opportunities for its members throughout the year.

Boilermaker Consulting Group | |

Boilermaker Consulting is a multidisciplinary team, attracting students from various business, engineering, and technology-based majors to provide insight on a career in consulting and allow students to apply their degree. Utilizing curriculum-based learning, the Boilermaker Consulting Group emphasizes the need to learn about new trends in industry but also consulting models. A consultant, manager, or director from Boilermaker Consulting will be prepared for a successful career in a consulting firm, high-technology company, or any technical field. Members of Boilermaker Consulting learn how to address complex technical issues, translate these into easy to digest problems for all educational levels, and provide high quality solutions for clients.

Business Ambassadors |

The Business Ambassadors are honest, articulate, and creative representatives of the Daniels School and Purdue. They share their personal experience and knowledge with prospective students to help these students find the best college fit. In the process of hosting prospective students and their parents, Ambassadors gain marketing and public relations savvy and improve their public speaking, interpersonal, listening and interviewing skills to help them achieve their own professional goals.

Business Analytics and Information Management Student Association

The Business Analytics and Information Management (BAIM) Student Association was formed to advocate for the students of BAIM in fall 2022. We are involved in the community and working towards improving BAIM students’ experience at Purdue.

Consult Your Community |

Consult Your Community is a student run, nonprofit organization that provides pro bono consulting services to small businesses in college communities across America.

Delta Sigma Pi | |

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics, culture, and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.

Doster Leadership Conference Student Board |

The DLC Student Board exists to bring up student leaders in the Daniels School of Business to plan, recruit for, and execute the Doster Leadership Conference. The conference is a professional development opportunity open to business school students.

Future Business Leaders of America

The Purdue chapter of Future Business Leaders of America, Inc. (FBLA). FBLA is the premier business career student organization in the world. Each year, FBLA helps over 250,000 student members prepare for careers in business and business-related fields. FBLA’s programs focus on, leadership development, academic competitions, educational programs, membership benefits, community service, and awards & recognition.

Graduate Women in Business |

Graduate Women in Business is dedicated to empowering and supporting women in business, as well as preparing women for leadership positions and diversity in the workplace. This organization works to achieve this goal through education, professional development, networking, and collaboration. Leveraging the experiences of participation in information sessions with major companies, networking events with Purdue Daniels Women Alumni, skill development opportunities with other graduate students, and career fair preparation, we seek to provide multiple opportunities to truly give members valuable, empowering experiences to grow both personally and professionally.

Investment and Trading at Purdue |

As an educational resource, we seek to create an authentic value investing experience for our members through the practical application of valuation methodologies and active portfolio management. Through speakers, seminars, and the operation of a virtual fund, ITP students will become prepared for future careers in investment-related fields including investment banking, wealth management, sales and trading, and consulting.

Krannert Graduate Marketing Association

The Krannert Graduate Marketing Association (KGMA) is dedicated to providing valuable resources to help our members understand marketing topics and issues, expand professional networks, and prepare for successful careers in business management. Membership is open to any Daniels graduate student, regardless of degree type or concentration. Members receive access to our long list of exclusive activities, including company visits, city treks, resume critiquing, practice interviews, speaker series, case competitions, and social and networking events. Additionally, KGMA offers students leadership opportunities to develop professionally and build their resumes.

Purdue Financial Management Association |

Purdue Financial Management Association (PFMA) is a chapter of the global FMA organization created to educate and provide resources to students interested in the field of Finance. We are a professional organization dedicated to enriching the academic interest and providing leadership opportunities to our members. Through various local events and networking opportunities with FMA, PFMA prepares members with an understanding of the Finance industry and equips them with the tools needed to succeed in their careers. Some of the events that PFMA is committed to doing is hosting panel discussions based around various fields in finance, sending members to national FMA conferences, visiting financial institutions around the Midwest, and facilitating events where members can meet with recruiters interested in Purdue's finance students.

Larsen Leaders Academy |

Leadership is the ability to guide others toward achieving a vision or goal. Those who can lead experience great career success. It’s a quality many desire, but only a select few truly possess. The Larsen Leaders Academy will provide you with the tools to set you apart and position yourself on the radar of top companies seeking talent. It will translate your academic experiences — coursework, extracurriculars, case competitions, domestic and international travel, internships and more — into real-world leadership skills. You’ll discover more about yourself and your abilities than you thought possible. When recruiters ask, “What have you done in the last four years?” you’ll have a compelling story to tell. You’ll have the talent, will and leadership experiences to set you apart. Your four years of dedication will grow into a successful business career lasting 10 times longer.

Operations and Supply Chain Organizatino (OSCO) |

OSCO was formed to provide a better understanding of operations and supply chain career opportunities and to provide students with knowledge that will aide in their studies. This will be accomplished through increasing their familiarity with the job search process, acting as a liaison between students and companies, providing a connection with MBA students, and ensuring understanding of the curriculum.

Purdue Accounting Association (PAA) | |

The purpose of the Accounting Association is to help students develop an understanding of the accounting profession and to prepare them for the job search process. The club also provides a social setting for Purdue students to expand their educational and social boundaries through peer interaction, professional engagements and community service. Our officers, members, and friends work hard to build our accounting opportunities and experience.

Purdue Economics Association |

Purdue Economics Association is dedicated to advancing opportunities for students at Purdue studying economics, as well as providing access to all students on the University campus for discussion and discourse on the field of economics. The club is open to students of all majors, both in Daniels and from other colleges, and provides a great opportunity for networking, fellowship, and learning.

Purdue Institute for Latin American Business
development in progress

The goal of the institute is focused on the development and dissemination of knowledge under the areas related to business and economics in Latin America as a whole, integrating business practices, economic sectors, and entrepreneurial opportunities into Purdue’s portfolio and offer of studies, and having a unique outreach into Latin American communities, both expanding the university’s influence abroad, and positioning itself as a prime institute for the accomplishment of such studies. This institute is to be created with the intent of knowledge creation and engagement for all students, while also enhancing the Hispanic and Latino experience at Purdue, connecting both business and economics in the United States, with a possible outreach into sectors in Latin America, both in the multinational aspect with large companies operating in LATAM and business from LATAM operating in the United States; this all while bringing key aspects of business in Latin America into the international focus at Purdue.

Purdue Marketing Association (PMA) | |

Purdue Marketing Association (PMA) is an undergraduate student organization that works in direct relation to Purdue's Graduate Marketing Association, Daniels Faculty, and Corporate Recruiters. We act as a liaison between our fellow classmates and corporate recruiters. We challenge our members to participate in case competitions, workshops/seminars, networking events, career fairs, and community engagement. Our board members offer exclusive consulting services for assistance in internship placement and research, resume/cover letter critiques, and brand and project management.

Purduethink | |

PurdueTHINK is a student-led organization that was founded to advance Purdue University by generating meaningful change. This change comes in the form of consulting with student organizations and various Purdue Administrative Departments. This is done through adding value to our clients through our solutions and building strong partnerships across campus. We are comprised of a diverse set of students, both in major and experience. Leveraging this vast skill set, PurdueTHINK builds strong cross-functional teams to find innovative solutions for each of our clients.

School of Business Career Council (SBCC) |

The mission of the School of Business Career Council is to establish, develop and maintain relationships with companies throughout the world in order to enhance the career and development opportunities available to the Daniels student body. The values of professionalism, integrity, and diversity shall guide SBCC towards success in its current and future endeavors.

School of Business Council |

The mission of the School of Business Council is:

  1. To promote a close relationship between the students, faculty, and administration of the School of Business.
  2. To serve as an advisory group representing the students of the School of Business.
  3. To assist in the development of leadership and professionalism for members as well as the students in the School of Business.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

SHRM was created to bring together students and staff with a career interest in Human Resource Management. The club is intended to expose students to the various facets of HR and provide a forum in which students can discuss current issues and apply elements of their business school education to practical situations. The focus of this organization is on professional development, but we always strive to remain active in our community and on campus, and to have fun in the process!

Society of Minority Managers (SMM) |

The Mission of The Society of Minority Managers is to serve the broad educational needs of minority students of the Daniels School of Business by: Establishing lines of communication between minority business students, business professionals, and the business employment market; Promoting professional and academic excellence among minority business students; Developing cooperative ventures with local affiliates; And assisting the Daniels School of Business in the recruitment of minority students.

Women in Business (WIB) |

The mission of Purdue University Women in Business is to empower women with confidence to reach their potential, equip them with the skills necessary to be successful, and educate them on the barriers they may encounter in the workplace. Women in Business builds a network with the goal of creating a world with more women leaders.