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Integrated Business and Engineering

Your next hire
has been trained to thrive at the intersection of business and engineering.

Recruit top talent studying in a new, innovative undergraduate program at Purdue’s Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business. Our Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) program puts students through a cohort-based, rigorous curriculum pulled from both the business school and our partner, the College of Engineering.

The plan of study for these elite learners features the entire first-year engineering curriculum; core classes in business, mathematics, and oral and written communication; and electives like Modern Mechanics, Transforming Ideas to Innovation, Financial Engineering, and Data Analytics.

Students conduct hands-on learning in labs and work cross-functionally with engineering and design students.

Case in Point

The IBE program enables students to translate engineering and technical knowledge into business value for companies using the most advanced data analytics techniques.

As part of an ECON 251 course, Caterpillar Inc. “hired” IBE students to serve as consultants. Student teams were tasked with creating a minimum of three recommendations to improve aftermarket sales and customer satisfaction for two specific CAT model engine lines.

This project was based on real-life challenges and resulted in well-designed recommendations for CAT. The company is partnering with our IBE program again in Spring 2023. Other companies, including Rolls-Royce and Dow, have benefitted from the skill set IBE students bring to their internships.

“The IBE curriculum is well-suited for a key area for growth within our business and industry, that of equal parts business and engineering.”

Justin Crotzer
SVP, Product Development, dormakaba Americas








IBE students partnered with Purdue’s Industrial Design program for a hackathon that featured 10 dormakaba representatives acting as coaches, mentors and judges, and prizes for winning teams.

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Ready to Contribute

IBE students are ideal candidates for your organization’s most challenging internship positions, and are primed for future full-time jobs at the intersection of the business and engineering worlds. 

The IBE program’s first cohort of students is in its second year and ready to contribute value to your company as high-quality interns.

Email IBE Program Director Ryan Case at to learn more about the program and our students.

The Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) degree program is a flagship of our school’s exciting transformation, which places even more focus on integrating business and technology to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

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