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Search & Apply

increase in full-time job success
(Daniels School Data & Analytics)

Put your Job Search Plan into action! Search for and apply to the internships or jobs right for you.  

Especially early in your journey, work with the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business' career services office to secure as many ideal internships as possible. 

The Search & Apply step in your path to success can feel overwhelming. But, we have worked with you to explore and define your career goal based on your values, interests and strengths, and has helped you craft a job search plan and selling pieces that communicate your brand. Now it’s time to find and apply for employment.

Find the Right Fit

The Daniels School exists to transform your life and a major part of that transformation is finding your ideal professional fit. Get going with these resources.

Join Handshake. Sign up and download the app to create a profile and get job alerts. Meet employers on the app and apply for open positions. We are proud to offer Handshake to Daniels School students. Ask us how to maximize your chances of getting noticed by employers on Handshake.

including all Fortune 500 companies

Set up your myCCO account. myCCO is Purdue University’s employment tool. You can search for and apply to internships and part-time or full-time job opportunities.


Frequently check networking and job search sites, including Purdue Ties, LinkedIn, and Indeed.


Attend on-campus career fairs and other company recruitment events! To make the most of these events register in advance, upload your resume so employers can preview your skills, have a plan for the day-of (including a polished “elevator speech” ready to go), and follow up with employers you meet at the event.


Networking as a Job Search Strategy

One of the most valuable tools available to you during your job search is your network of professionals. A great way to build this network, and therefore your job opportunities, is to conduct informational interviews. Purdue Ties and LinkedIn are great tools that can guide you to alumni at your dream companies. Remember, you are seeking advice or insight from the contact and are not asking about a job or for a referral.

To get started, use the six-point email format, as outlined in The 2-Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton.

  1. Keep it to fewer than 75 words
  2. Do not mention jobs anywhere
  3. Put your connection first
  4. Make your request a question
  5. Define your interest narrowly and broadly
  6. Ensure more than half the words are about your contact, not you

Ask the Right Questions

Now that you’ve got an informational interview lined up, it’s time to prepare some questions. Consider following the TIARA method.

What trends, in your opinion, are most impacting your business right now?

What has been your most valuable experience at your employer so far?

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were applying to your current company?

What resources do you recommend I utilize?

What project have you done for your employer that you felt added the most value?


“I acquired my internship with Toyota Material Handling after freshman year through the business school career fair thanks to the professional development workshops offered by the Larsen Leaders Academy and the career services center.”

Daniel Tillinghast, Industrial Management '22


You’ve identified those ideal job positions, and now it’s time to apply. There’s an art to it!

As with every step of your journey, our coaches and peer consultants are here to help you through the application process.

Lean on us for insights on how to tailor your applications to match the job’s description (keywords are key!) and thread through your applications the competencies you’ve developed through CareerBound.


Career Progression

Preparing for your future career is so much more than polishing your resume and memorizing interview tips. Our clear path to success takes you from an exploratory phase where you define your ultimate goal to a final step where you grow your career with intention. 

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