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Take a step back and see what’s working well. Evaluate how your job search is going, what offers you’ve received, and how you can improve. It may be time to revisit the Explore stage of your journey and check in with your goals.

No matter how your job search is going, Daniels School coaches can help you examine your options and advise your next steps.

International Student Tip

If you need work authorization to continue working in the United States, be sure to factor this into your evaluation. As you move forward, visit our International Student Resources page to learn more about your options for work authorization and sponsorship.

Consider Your Options

When weighing several offers, it’s important to consider each one with regards to your goals, interests and values. To move forward, you should understand the industry, the organization, and what your personal non-negotiables are.

As you evaluate your options, examine and prioritize the following:
● Company culture (values, dress code, organizational structure, workplace environment)
● Flexibility (remote work, hybrid options, flexible hours)
● Salary (base salary, signing bonus, openness to negotiation, pay frequency, incentives, appropriate to your experience)
● Location (commute times, cost of living, proximity to friends and family)
● Benefits (vacation time, insurance, retirement)
● Company growth and stability (longevity, earnings, funding)
● Opportunities for growth (tuition assistance, guaranteed promotions, funding for development)
● Job structure (team or individual work, manager, co-workers, level of responsibility)


Negotiate Your Offer

Although you may have prior negotiating experience, it can still be difficult. Nevertheless, when receiving an offer, it is crucial to have a conversation with the recruiter about what is negotiable. Even if salary is non-negotiable, identify other items of importance to you, such as a flexible schedule, signing bonus, or moving allowance. Throughout the discussion, maintain a positive outlook and respond with gratitude and energy.

After the conversation, request time to consider the offer. A typical request is 2-3 days.

Business school coaches are an invaluable resource when it comes to job negotiation. Schedule an appointment to learn more about how to answer salary expectation questions and what a fair salary range looks like for your industry and position.


Making Comparisons

Knowing what to expect from your next position can help guide your salary negotiations.

We've gathered for you the median annual salary for business professionals 0-2 years out from earning their master's degrees. See the Resources page for this listing of top U.S. jobs and their corresponding full-time salaries. 

Career Progression

Growing your career is no easy task, and your journey may take many turns. Our path to success will guide you on your journey with clear steps along the way, from exploring your goals to launching your career with intention.

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