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Launch & Grow

Your preparation has paid off. The time has come to launch your new role and make an impact. Use your onboarding as an opportunity to continue your growth and set yourself up for success.

As you prepare for your next steps, Daniels School career coaches are an excellent resource to turn to. In addition to their wealth of career knowledge, they can provide specific advice for your first 90 days in a new role.

Accelerate learning by asking questions and developing relationships with those around you, especially as you are learning the company culture.

Negotiate success by clarifying what is expected of you early on and establishing what you expect of others.

Secure early wins by seeking out opportunities to exceed expectations. Don’t overwork yourself and choose wins that align with company values.


“My biggest takeaway from my business school experience is learning how to transfer my knowledge to real-life business scenarios. To learn about skills and approaches is not enough to be able to use those skills. My professors were determined to teach us about practical applications of our knowledge and how to efficiently communicate technical results in business terms.”

Zainab Aljaroudi, MSBAIM '22



Growth is a journey

Your new role will be what you make of it. Continue to challenge yourself.

To get ahead, don’t get comfortable. Grow your skills where you can and build on what you’ve learned. Get out of your comfort zone by volunteering for new projects and meeting people across your organization. Stay in touch with colleagues from previous positions to keep your network thriving.

Use the LEARN framework to keep progressing in your career.

Learn New Skills

Excel Where You’re Great

Assist Others

Redirect Unwanted Work


Celebrate Your Success

Take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come. Your hard work has paid off and your professional success is well earned. The Daniels School celebrates your achievements with you. We also love to know where our graduates end up. As you wrap up your time at Purdue, let us know your next steps.

As you’re embarking on your next journey, take the time to revisit Purdue and share your success story with Boilermakers who are working to get where you are today. 

Here we celebrate just a few recent successes!  


Ayushi Sheth

Ayushi Sheth

MS Marketing '24
Integral, Digital Marketing Specialist


Landon Steele

MS Accounting '24
Deloitte, Risk & Financial Advisory Analyst


Alaina Clady

MS Human Resource Management '24
IBM, Senior Human Resources Intern

Career Progression

Growing your career is no easy task, and your journey may take many turns. Our path to success will guide you on your journey with clear steps along the way, from exploring your goals to launching your career with intention.

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