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Integrated Business and Engineering

Prepare    Innovate    Execute

Through a partnership with the College of Engineering, an elite group of freshmen will enter the new IBE major each year and graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Krannert and concentrated coursework in engineering. You’ll get core courses in both business and engineering, experiential learning projects and mentorship from alumni. The IBE learning community will prepare you to lead teams, adapt to changing environments, and make key strategic decisions. Our Integrated Business and Engineering graduates will work at the intersection of business and technology.


YOU’LL GET CORE COURSES IN BOTH BUSINESS AND ENGINEERING, and you will do so as part of a tight-knit community of like-minded teammates.

YOU’LL GET HANDS-ON LEARNING. You’ll be challenged in case competitions, research projects and consulting assignments. You will put what you learn into action.

You‘ll have access to alumni leaders from Fortune 500 companies through seminars and speaker series. They will provide VALUABLE MENTORSHIP AT EACH STEP OF THE PROGRAM.

YOU’LL LEARN TO MAKE SOUND, DATA-DRIVEN DECISIONS. The integrated solutions you create will innovate products and processes to make the world a better place.

The Forefront of Innovation

Preview some of the courses that make IBE so special.


Business Core Courses

Develop a strong business mindset with Krannert. Highlighted Courses: Management Accounting, Business Statistics, Financial Management

Engineering Courses

Lay the groundwork for your future career by taking a variety of Engineering classes. Highlighted Courses: Transforming Ideas to Innovation, Modern Mechanics, Analytical Geometry and Calculus

Area Specialty Courses

Dig deeper into your interests and grow as a student. Highlighted Courses: Financial Engineering, Data Analytics, Supply Chain Operations Management, or Student Designated Specialty Area

Engineering IBE Core Courses

Experience the intersection of Engineering and Business through IBE core classes. Highlighted Courses: Engineering Economics, Life Cycle Engineering & Management of Constructed Facilities, Structure and Properties of Materials

Explore your four years at Purdue with this curriculum guide. View the complete list of IBE required and specialty classes, so you can evaluate options and plan ahead.
Plan of Study

Make This Program Your Own

Learn about the ways you can tailor IBE to work for you.


All students will take core courses in business and engineering for a solid foundation. From there, a wide variety of electives are available that tailor to your interests. For example, the Predictive Analytics course allows students to work on projects ranging from improving energy efficiency to sports-lineup optimizations; and the Imagine, Model, and Make course teaches you how to design and optimize new prototypes in 3D.

Study Abroad

Krannert supports all students, whether their classrooms are in West Lafayette or in Paris, Rio de Janeiro, or Beijing. Those are just some of the places you can study internationally when you are enrolled in the IBE program.

Capstone Project

During your senior year, you'll work within an interdisciplinary team on a project sponsored by a company that advises and recruits IBE students. Not only is this an opportunity to showcase everything that you have learned at Purdue, but it's also a great chance to impress your potential future employer.

Campus Activities

There is always something going on at Purdue. From Big Ten sports to student clubs, cultural centers, social organizations, and the arts, you will find your place and your people. The campus is yours to own and explore.

Careers in Integrated Business & Engineering

Organizational Consultant | Technical Project Manager | Data Analyst | Technology Consultant

Giant Leaps begin with Small Steps.

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A Legacy Continues

The new IBE major builds upon the foundation of Krannert’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management (BSIM) degree program, which enrolled its final class in fall 2020. IBE is a reimagining of the BSIM, taking its best elements and building upon them to create a program more aligned to the needs of students and today’s best-in-class companies.

Admissions & Next Steps 

Join the Integrated Business and Engineering program and take your Next Giant Leap.