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Prospective STUDENTS

Throughout our history, generations of Boilermakers have left their mark — in small steps and giant leaps.

At Krannert, we join this persistent pursuit of the next giant leap, searching for smarter business models, more insightful analytics, greater organizational excellence, and rising global leadership.

Purdue’s Krannert School is more than an exceptional institution. It is a collection of exceptional people, coming together each day to work in unison, support one another and build a community united by a common pursuit.

Start your journey today by selecting one of these Krannert majors:
Students taking part in many of the experiences at Purdue University

Once you’ve decided on a major, take the next step and complete our application for admission. Krannert consistently attracts high-achieving students. Here are the average test scores and GPA from our most recent freshman class:







Students, some above and some below these averages, will be offered admission to Krannert after a holistic application review by the Office of Admissions. If you are below the GPA or test scores average, we encourage you to list a second choice of major on your application as another possible path for admission to Purdue.

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