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Economists are curious observers who study incentives and how people make decisions. They predict trends and understand how markets and finanical organizations function. They use data to assess the effectiveness of policies, regulations and laws. 

If you are a problem-solver who enjoys analyzing information and predicting outcomes, economics may be the perfect path for you.


A Transformative Education

All Daniels School econ majors receive a strong foundation in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and data visualization from leading faculty researchers. But here, undergraduates can specialize in one of five areas:

  • Behavioral Economics
  • Business Economics
  • Economic Policy
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Quantitative Economics & Data Analytics

Choose your specialty area to suit your ultimate career goal, whether it’s using data to inform the U.S. House of Representatives of the effectiveness of public policies; compiling statistics so the United Nations can make better decisions; conducting quantitative analyses of a major corporation’s investment programs, or another path you’ll be well prepared to travel.

Our undergraduates benefit from hands-on research opportunities. Volunteer in our experimental econ laboratory as a research assistant, or get paid to partner with faculty on a research project in our econ center focused on law, regulations, and government programs.

An education that transforms your life includes these challenging, rewarding outside-the-classroom experiences.

Your next giant leap awaits.





Headshot of Olivia Guffey

“The Daniels School curriculum does a fantastic job preparing students for the real world. The number of group projects is high and this provides experiences that are exactly what recruiters want to hear. I have been able to use my econometrics experience to practice data analytics, which is what I’ll be doing in my future career.”

Olivia Guffey
Economics, Class of 2024


A foundation in economics sets you up for a wide variety of career paths. Continue your education with a master’s or PhD in Economics, or enter the work world knowing how to expertly synthesize data and turn it into insights as an analyst at consulting firms, corporations, investment banks, policy think tanks, or government agencies.

With a degree in Economics, you could be a:

Financial Analyst

Policy Analyst

Logistics Manager

Economic Consultant


average starting salary


average hiring bonus


intern hourly wage


At the Daniels School of Business, you can shape your college experience to fit your passions and goals.

Personalize your degree without adding to your time as an undergraduate student, and add a master’s degree in as little as one additional semester. Enrich your skill set and career prospects by taking advantage of key academic opportunities:

Your life outside the classroom will also be a rich one, and as busy as you want it to be. Participate in case competitions, join a learning community, serve on the School of Business Council, and much more.

Student Experiences at the Daniels School

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