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Registering for Classes

We’re here to help you register for classes. Find answers to registration FAQ, information on Registration Time Ticket Groups, and, below, a video that shows you how to add courses on myPurdue.

Request an Increase in Credit Load

According to university policy, students who wish to take credit hours in excess of 18 (fall/spring semesters) or 9 (summer semester) must have approval from their college.

If you’d like to request an override for more than 18 (fall/spring) or 9 (summer) hours, you’ll need to discuss this with your academic advisor. Please note, your override for a credit increase will not be granted if your record contains any of the below:

  1. Withdrew (noted with a W on the transcript) or received an Incomplete (noted with an “I” on the transcript) from a class in the preceding semester (not including summer terms)
  2. Grade of D or F in the preceding semester (not including summer terms)
  3. Re-taking any classes (exceptions may be considered if the student is in their final semester)
  4. No prior PU GPA established (new transfer student)
  5. Cumulative GPA is less than 3.00 with more than one semester of coursework remaining
  6. Prior credit loads (less than 17 for Fall/Spring or 9 for the Summer) do not demonstrate ability to handle an increased load with a 3.0 term GPA or better
  7. Plans to be overly involved in other activities (work or otherwise) exceeding 15 hours per week
  8. Trying to catch up or graduate with additional majors/minors/concentrations in 4 years
  9. On academic probation

Schedule Revisions/Add/Drop Calendar

Schedule revision is the process of adding, dropping, or modifying courses already on your schedule. You may modify full semester courses during the first week of the fall and spring semesters using Scheduling Assistant. Beginning the second week of classes, you will need approval to add a course. You can request approval through Scheduling Assistant by adding the course. Please consult your academic advisor when revising your schedule.

Full semester courses dropped during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters will not appear on your academic record.

Schedule revision dates for summer sessions adjust according to the length of each course.

The add/drop calendar will show deadlines based on the current term and are searchable by length of course (8-or 16-week for fall or spring). The calendar also shows when a W or WF will be on your record after dropping a course. A W or WF will not factor into your overall GPA but do count in the 3 time enrollment policy of Purdue.


Students can use the waitlist feature for a full class in Scheduling Assistant. You can find out more information here on how to use this function.