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Gokce Esenduran

Gokce Esenduran

Associate Professor of Management
Supply Chain and Operations Management


Ph.D. Operations, Technology, and Innovation Management, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flagler Business School, 2010
M.Sc. Industrial Engineering, Bogaziçi University, Istanbul,2004
B.Sc. Industrial Engineering, Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, 2002


Journal Articles

  • Esenduran, G., Letizia, P., A. Ovchinnikov (2022). "Customization and Returns." Management Science
  • Esenduran, G., J.V. Gray, B. Tan, (2022). "A Dynamic Analysis of Supply Chain Risk Management and Extended Payment Terms." Production and Operations Management
  • Esenduran, G., J.A. Hill, and I. Noh (2020). "Understanding the Online Resale-Channel Choice for Used Electronics." Production and Operations Management vol. 29 (5), 1188-1211.
  • Esenduran, G., Y. Lin, W. Xiao, and M. Jin (2020). "Choice of E-Waste Recycling Standard under Recovery Channel Competition." Manufacturing and Service Operations Management vol. 22 (3), 429- 643.
  • Esenduran, G., L.X. Lu, and J.M. Swaminathan (2020). "Buyback Pricing of Durable Goods in Dual Distribution Channels." Manufacturing and Service Operations Management forthcoming.
  • Esenduran, G., A. Atasu, and L.N. Van Wassenhove (2018). "Valuable E-Waste: Implications for Extended Producer Responsibility." IISE Transactions vol. 51 (4), 382-396.
  • Gray, J.V., G. Esenduran, M.J. Rungtusanatham, and K. Skowronski (2017). "Why in the World Did They Reshore? Examining Small-to-Medium Sized Manufacturer Decisions." Journal of Operations Management vol. 49 37-51.
  • Esenduran, G., E. Kemahlioglu-Ziya, and J.M. Swaminathan (2017). "Impact of Take-Back Regulation on the Remanufacturing Industry," Production and Operations Management vol. 26 (5), 924-944.
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  • Esenduran, G., N.G. Hall, and Z. Liu (2015). "Compliance with Environmental Regulation in Project-Based Industries." Naval Research Logistics vol. 62 (3), 228-247.
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  • Bilge, U., G. Esenduran, N. Varol, Z. Ozturk, B. Aydin and A. Alp (2006). "Multi-Attribute Responsive Dispatching Strategies for Automated Guided Vehicles." International Journal of Production Economics vol. 100 65-75.
  • Return policy on customized products

    Assistant Professor Gokce Esenduran discusses return policy on customized products

Office: YONG 926

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Environment, Ethics, Game Theory, Operations Management, Supply Chain, Sustainability