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Jinyang Zheng

Jinyang Zheng

Assistant Professor of Management
Management Information Systems


PhD, Information Systems, University of Washington, 2017
Bachelor of Science, Fudan University, 2013


Jinyang Zheng is an assistant professor of management at Purdue University's Daniels School, specializing in information systems. With a focus on an economic perspective and predominantly empirical approaches, his research examines four main streams: managing content platforms, moderating online two-sided platforms, human-AI interactions, and digital resilience, employing diverse methodologies, including causal inference techniques such as Rubin's and Pearl's frameworks, along with structural models and unstructured data analysis. His research findings have been published in esteemed business journals such as Management Science, Information Systems Research, and MIS Quarterly, and have been recognized through numerous accolades, including the 2023 Jay Ross Young Faculty Scholar Award at Daniels School and multiple best paper awards or nominations at premier conferences, including ICIS, WISE, CIST, and CSWIM.

Jinyang has developed and teaches courses such as "Analyze Unstructured Data" in the BAIM (Business Analytics and Information Management) program, as well as "Data Tech for Research" in the Ph.D. program. Additionally, he has taught "Database Systems" in undergraduate programs. In all the programs, he has consistently been listed as an outstanding or distinguished teacher.

Jinyang completed his Ph.D. degree in information systems from the University of Washington in 2017. Prior to that, he obtained his bachelor's degree from the Department of Statistics at Fudan University in 2013.

Journal Articles

  • Zheng, J., Yin, G., Tan, Y. & Ding, J. (2023). Does Help Help? An Empirical Analysis of Social Desirability Bias in Ratings. Information Systems Research, Forthcoming.
  • Deng, Y., Zheng, J., Huang, L. & Kannan, K. (2023). Let Artificial Intelligence Be Your Shelf Watchdog: The Impact of Intelligent Image Processing-Powered Shelf Monitoring on Product Sales. MIS Quarterly, vol. 47 (3), 1045-1072. | Related Website |
  • Rhee, K. S., Zheng, J., Wang, Y., & Tan, Y. (2022). Value of Information Sharing via Ride-hailing Apps: An Empirical Analysis. Information Systems Research, Forthcoming. | Related Website |
  • Zheng, J., Wang, Y. & Tan, Y. (2022). Platform Refund Insurance or Being Cast Out: Quantifying the Signaling Effect of Refund Options in the Online Service Marketplace. Information Systems Research, Forthcoming. | Related Website |
  • Deng, Y., Zheng, J., Khern-am-nuai, W. & Kannan, K. (2022). More than the Quantity: Estimating the Value of Editorial Review for UGC Platform. Management Science, vol. 68 (9), 6865-6888. | Related Website |
  • Zheng, J., Ren, F., Tan, Y. & Chen, X. (2020). Optimizing Two-Sided Promotion for Transportation Network Companies: A Structural Model with Conditional Bayesian Learning. Information Systems Research, vol. 31 (3), 692-714. | Related Website |
  • Zheng, J., Qi, Z., Dou, Y. & Tan, Y. (2020). How Mega is the Mega? Exploring the Spillover Effect of WeChat Using Graphical Model. Information Systems Research, vol. 30 (4), 1343-1362. | Related Website |
  • Usage of Mobile Apps

    Jinyang Zheng is an assistant professor at the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University. His recent study found that online transportation networks tools can significantly improve the operational flexibility and efficiency of public transportation system; early-stage large-scale sales promotion can stimulate consumer learning about online transportation networks; the "conform or to be cast out" policy can significantly enhance the consumer welfare; WeChat contributes to the usage of the smartphone ecosystem without squeezing out the usage of the other apps.

Kauffmann Award Best Student Paper Runner-up of ICIS 2020

Jay Ross Young Faculty Scholar Award, Krannert School of Management

Conference Best Paper Nominee of ICIS 2020

Best Student Paper Award Runner-up of CIST 2018

Best Student Paper Award Nominee of CIST 2017

Best Paper for Track Social Media and Digital Collaborations in ICIS 2020

Best Paper Award of CSWIM 2019

5-Year Service Recognition Award, Daniels School of Business

  • MGMT 54400 (Fall 2017; Spring 2019)
  • MGMT 59000 (Fall 2018, 2019, 2021-2023; Spring 2021)
  • MGMT 69000 (Spring 2018, 2021; Fall 2019, 2021-2023)

Office: RAWL 4038

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