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Mindfulness and Self Care: KPDC Workshop Coaches Students on Managing Stress

Thursday, December 9, 2021

With finals just around the corner, Sarah Ratekin and guest speaker Apurva Lagwankar shared a stress management plan with students. Their Krannert Professional Development Center workshop took students on an immersive journey on how to develop and manage a better work-life balance.  
Those gathered for the workshop were shown what resilience is and what it isn’t, and how to better manage stress during job searches. There was also a stress triage conversation.  
The better prepared you are to manage your stress in life, the better prepared you will be as a leader and person, says Ratekin, director of Krannert’s CareerBound program, a career readiness program for undergraduates.  
Lagwankar discussed job search stress. For every individual, rejection is a part of life -- but how we react to it is crucial, she says.  
“There will be times where it is difficult to move forward, but it is okay to pause to take care of yourself. We want you to run a marathon, not sprint,” says Lagwankar. She is a professional development consultant within KPDC and a Krannert alumna.  
Ratekin and Lagwankar had participants fill out a pamphlet as a “cheat-sheet” for managing their stress. It included inspiring quotes, evaluation of their own situations, and helpful tips on calming their mindset.  
Some examples included: breathing exercises, laughing, exercising, and so on. Ratekin went on to explain how important language is when talking about emotions and how to be more mindful in the future.  
Throughout the workshop, the room was energized by the participants’ active sharing of their personal stressors and what they do to alleviate them.  
Asked what she learned in the workshop, participant Alessandra, who is a part of the CareerBound program said, “it is very important to take care of your mental and physical health during seasons of stress – like exams or job searches.” And making yourself a priority will make you more productive because there is no use running on no fuel, she says.  
Students left with their completed pamphlets and comforting words from Ratekin: Give yourself the respect to put breaks within your schedule.