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MGMT 100 and MGMT 291 In-Course Outstanding Presentations

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The case topic was the Prairie Equipment company, where the owner is challenged with a decision on how fast to grow his business, and whether to consider geographic expansion as well as the potential to bring in an ownership partner. Additionally, choices must be made on capital and personnel options to increase capacity in support of the expected growth.

The analytical, teamwork and presentation skills developed in this project are important differentiators for employers and are key elements of the Krannert brand.

The following teams were all awarded $500 for their efforts, and worked under the direction of Lecturers Dr. Kenneth Harling and David Randich.

MGMT 100: Section 1, Team 4
Gavin Han, Kailey Leuer, and Yana Sheoran
MGMT 100: Section 2, Team 7
Hugh Cochran, Jeremy Kwon, Emily Richford and Erica Wang
MGMT 100: Section 3, Team 3
Erica Hedrick, Logan McClain and Vyctoria Peek
MGMT 100: Section 4, Team 4
Kairon Chung, Tyler Green, James Tolland and Zachary Walter
MGMT 291: Team 8
Max Farrell, John Lucas, Xander Roland and Alyssa Younker
MGMT 291: Team 21
Evan Coffman, Alice Dinh, James Schubert and Nicholas Sebal