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Zhan Pang

Zhan Pang

Lewis B. Cullman Rising Star Professor of Management
Supply Chain and Operations Management


B.S. in Mathematics
M.S. in Mathematics
Ph.D. in Operations Research


Dr. Pang is Lewis B. Cullman Rising Star Professor of Management at Krannert School of Management and  Purdue Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellow.   He is the coordinator of the doctoral program in Supply Chain and Operations Management (SCOM) at Krannert.  He is also a committee member of Krannert PhD Program.   

His research interests include statistical learning and decision theory, healthcare delivery systems, supply chain risk management, and pricing and revenue management. He is a senior editor for Production and Operations Management  and a founding editor of Journal of Blockchain Research. He teaches Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Strategic Sourcing and Procurement.  He was named as one of Purdue's Experiential Education Champions for 2023-2024.  To facilitate experiential learning,  he formed partnerships with many world-leading corporations and created real-world projects as course projects in the class, which integrated classroom learning and corporate project based experiential learning and allow students to be exposed to the real world challenges and apply what they learn in the class to the real world problems.   

He has rich industry experience as entrepreneur and management consultant. Since he joined Purdue, he has formed research and experiential learning partnerships with many corporations including Dow Chemical, Corteva and Wabash. He is also working closely with healthcare service organizations including a non-for-profit home healthcare service provider to help them improve efficiency and quality of care.  He as served the board of directors for an energy technology company from 2015-2024. As one of Purdue's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellows, he works with other fellows across campus to help connect Purdue innovators with novel paths for entrepreneurship and commercialization to take the innovations to the world. 

For perspective PhD students: 

I am looking for highly motivated and self-driven PhD students with solid foundations in mathematics and statistics and strong interests in statistical learning and decision optimization. Topics include but not limited to dynamic pricing and revenue management,  healthcare delivery systems, production planning and inventory control, and supply chain risk management.  Interested students are welcome to get in touch with me and submit your application to the SCOM PhD proram. 

Journal Articles

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Forthcoming Publications

  • Liu J, Pang Z, Qi LQ (2020). "Dynamic pricing and inventory management with demand learning: A Bayesian Approach." Computers & Operations Research | Related Website |
  • Pang Z, Zhao XY, Xiao WQ (2019). "Preorder price guarantee in e-commerce." Manufacturing and Service Operations Management | Related Website |

Phone: (765) 494-4489
Office: KRAN 505