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Daniels School Faculty

Jen Tang

Jen Tang

Professor of Management


Ph.D., Mathematical Statistics, Bowling Green State University, Ohio
B.S., Applied Mathematics, Soochow University (Taipei)


Professor Tang's teaching interests are applied statistics, quantitative methods, and business analytics. His current research includes the areas of applied statistics, statistical quality control, and reliability analysis. Professor Tang also has considerable expertise in the distribution theory of multivariate statistical analysis. Professor Tang has published 45 articles in professional journals, including Biometrika, Statistics and Probability Letters, The Australian Journal of Statistics, IIE Transactions, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, Management Sciences, Naval Research Logistics, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Journal of Quality Technology, Journal of American Statistical Association, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Production and Operations Management, European Journal of Operational Research, Statistics, Statistica Sinica, and Technometrics. He was/is on the editorial boards of IIE Transactions and Production and Operation Management Journal. Professor Tang received the Jay N. Ross Young Research Scholar Award (1992), Krannert Summer Research Award (2012, 2013), and teaching awards, including Best Professor in a Core Course Award, German International School of Management (GISMA)/Leibniz University/Purdue, MBA Class of 2011; Runner-up, Salgo-Noren Outstanding MBA Teaching Award  (2000); Honeywell Manufacturing Management Excellent in Teaching Award (2000); and AlliedSignal Excellence in Teaching Award (1997). Prior to joining the Krannert faculty, Professor Tang was a member of technical staff at Bell Communications Research (Bellcore, 1984-91) and an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science at Marquette University (1981-84). He received his Ph.D. in Mathematical Statistics from Bowling Green State University (1977-1981) and BS in Applied Math from Soochow University in Taipei (1969-1973).

Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

  • Tang, J., & Liu, R. (1994). "Control Charts for Dependent and Multivariate Process." Proceedings of International Conference on Intelligent Statistical Quality Control vol. 5 139-157.

Office: KRAN 435