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Daniels School Faculty

Federico Rossi

Federico Rossi

Associate Professor of Management

  • Price Knowledge and Market Power

    Krannert's Federico Rossi discusses consumers’ price knowledge and retailers’ market power

  • effectiveness of reward programs

    Federico Rossi, Assistant Professor, discusses the effectiveness of reward programs

  • Purdue Expert: Super Bowl Ads

    Professor Rossi explains the strategy behind Superbowl ads. The ads target large segments of the population so it is important to market products that aren’t very niche. The advertisements are very high quality because of the price of the ad and the brands try to show the personality of their brand through their ads. The companies even implement strategies to try to bridge the gap between social media and television.

    Full story: Purdue Expert: Super Bowl Ads

  • Location Data
    Purdue Partners with Digital Envoy for ‘Data for Impact’ Program
    Digital Envoy, a pioneer of IP intelligence and high-quality consent-based location data, is partnering with the Purdue University School of Business for its data for good program, Data for Impact, on research examining how retail crime impacts consumer demand and how accessibility to public transportation can be improved.

Phone: (765) 494-4423
Office: KRAN 457

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Advertising, Brand Strategy, Competitive Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Data Analytics, Digital Economy, E-Commerce, Industrial Organization, Market Research, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Pricing, Social Media