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Students at different parts of the world
Global Master's Program


Can I get financial support for my study abroad?

Most study abroad programs are heavily subsidized by Krannert and the program fee already reflects that subsidy. The program organizer should be contacted to discuss any additional support that may be available to students. Program costs are shown on the individual program webpages. 

Am I responsible for getting my own visa, if one is required?

Yes, students are responsible for their visas, although the program organizer can help by providing suggestions, if needed. 

Will study abroad interfere with my internship or my graduation ceremony?

Most programs occur during Global Week/Spring Break or in early May, right after the end of the semester. Thus, they don't typically interfere with either your internship or graduation. The one exception is that of the Global Business Project which could interfere with a second-year student's graduation ceremony. The program organizer should be consulted if you will be graduating around the time of your study abroad program.

What are the application deadlines?

Deadlines vary for most programs.  Please visit the program webpage for the appropriate date by which you must apply.  Students should be aware that some programs may have early deadlines and should pay close attention to the deadline for their particular program.

Are the program deposits refundable if I change my mind?

Most deposits are not refundable unless the program is cancelled.  You should consider your decision carefully before applying to any program.  Please consult with the program organizer if you have any questions about your deposit.

What are the language requirements?

The language requirements for individual programs can be found on the program webpage.  As a general rule, all programs are delivered in English.  However, some programs, such as the Global Business Projects, may have a requirement to study the language prior to departure.    

How many credits will I earn for my program?

The amound of academic credit earned varies from program to program. The number of credits for each program is given in the corresponding webpage.